Anonymous asked:

Why do you act so fake..? I've been in your comp forever and have dances with you at nationals and have you ever acknowledged me? Nope. I say hi Yuli don't even care. A boy placed in the top 5 from my school and you congratulate him whom you've met

mylifebelikeadream answered:

I am sorry if I come across this way. I am in no way fake, and try my best to acknowledge everyone. I haven’t danced in Australia for almost two years (I am gathering you are talking about the Australian Nations.) I always speak to everyone backstage, tell them goodluck etc, and I in no way shape or form would intentionally ignore, or not acknowledge someone someone purposely. I am very sorry I have made you feel that way!




I can vouch for this. Ceili is literally the nicest girl I’ve ever met. In Dublin, she gave up a large part of her lunch break between Heartbeat shows to chat to me & sign autographs and take pictures for all the little kids. She’s given me some of the greatest advice ever that has really helped me to improve my dancing, and I think you must be hella self-absorbed not to realize what an absolute darling Ceili is.

Team Ceili forever fuck the anons








I tried to make it a gif but I’m too technologically challenged but birdies are my lyf

so glad the drug dealers didn’t get you before you could record this beautiful video

^same they be creepin

i could hear them yelling at each other in a strange caribbean language and i was afraid to go to the bathroom :) #lynn

Lol that one time i was alone and I went to the bathroom and I thought one of them snuck into the studio and I was 2 seconds away from calling the police